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Logitech M720 Driver & Mouse Software Download

Logitech M720 Driver. The Logitech M720 Triathlon is triple router mouse that supports up to three bluetooth devices, hyper fast scrolling, horizontal control, gesture control and gives you the convenience to create custom settings for the mouse buttons, such as remapping buttons, recording macros and other needs thanks to the compatible Logitech M720 Triathlon mouse… Read More »

Logitech Signature M650 Driver

Logitech Signature M650 driver offers a choice of connectivity modes, so this will connect via one of Logitech standard little USB dongles or over Bluetooth. Additionally, the Signature M650 mouse software can also connect to just about anything a Windows PC, a Mac, Linux, Ipads, it’s probably going to be able to connect to it… Read More »

Logitech M325 Driver

Logitech M325 Driver – Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse is made for web browsing with a sturdy design and gives you more access to the mouse thanks to Logitech mouse software. The driver and software for Logitech M325 has supported Microsoft Windows and macOS PCs. This makes it easy for you to adjust mouse sensitivity and… Read More »

Logitech M500s Driver

Now customizing the Logitech M500s buttons is even easier thanks to the advanced Logitech Options software. You can configure 7 buttons and adjust DPI levels from 400 to 4000 DPI or perform any task on Windows and Mac OS via the latest Logitech M500s driver. Below the download link compatible M500s mouse software for Windows… Read More »

Logitech M185 Driver

Logitech M185 Driver and Software Package Logitech M185 driver and software also helping you to remapping buttons and adjust mouse sensitivity levels. Howover, the Logitech M185 is a plug and play wireless mouse comes a little dongle that can be pair to Microsoft Windows or macOS PCs. Thanks to the software, you can configure this… Read More »