Logitech C925e Driver

By | August 10, 2022

Logitech C925e driver for Windows and Mac devices are collected from Logitech official website. This software for the C925e webcam allows you to fix Logitech webcam driver errors and allows this webcam to connect to your PC. Here you can download the latest version of drivers and software for Logitech C925e which is compatible for Windows devices with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (32-bit / 64-bit) and macOS.

Logitech C925e Driver Download

logitech c925e driver

You can download all C925e webcam software for free below:

Supported Windows Operating Systems

OS Compability: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32-bit / 64-bit).

Software Package

Logi Tune and Logitech Camera Settings.

Logi Tune Software for Windows 11, 10 (32-bit / 64-bit) Download (128 MB)

Logi Camera Settings Software for Windows 7, 8, 10 (32-bit / 64-bit) Download (83.1 MB)

Supported Macintosh Operating Systems

OS Compability: mac OS X 10.12, mac OS X 10.13, macOS X 10.14 (Mojave), macOS X 10.15 (Catalina), macOS X 11.0 (Big Sur).

Software Packages:

Logitech Camera Settings and Logi Tune.

Logi Tune for macOS 10.14 to macOS 12.0 Download (128 MB)

Logitech Camera Settings for macOS 10.13 to macOS 11.x Download (36.4 MB)

Logitech C925e Webcam Software Features

The latest updates of Logi Tune Logitech webcam software and headset tune management platform already support many webcam and headset models, Logitech is pleased to announce support for the C925e webcam. Opening up tune will show all connected devices.

You can frame yourself by clicking into the preview box and adjusting zoom pan and tilt color adjustments will provide you with common presets, you can also fine-tune the image in settings you can adjust more device configurations. All of the settings are kept through reboots going to about the camera, you can easily update firmware.

At the zone wireless you have quick access to your audio and within settings you can control how you interact with the headset and see what devices are connected clicking on about this headset will provide firmware updates. Logi Tune 2.0 is available on mac and pc and can easily deployed at scale with common tools. Download Logitech C925e driver from Logitech website.

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