Logitech MX518 Driver

By | October 12, 2022

Logitech MX518 Driver. Logitech MX518 gaming mouse makes it easy to setup or make custom settings according to your needs. By installing the Logitech MX518 mouse driver you can adjust the settings of this mouse. The software packages are compatible for Microsoft Windows (32/64-bit) and Mac OS X PCs. In addition, here is also provided manual user guides to help you setup the MX518 properly.

logitech mx518 driver

It’s recommended to install compatible Logitech MX518 Legendary driver if you want to try other important features that can help enhances your productivity, the only option you can change without installing the drivers is it DPI levels, so you just need to click the DPI button to change DPI levels, besides you requires install the Logitech mouse software if you want to set macro buttons, remapping all physical buttons or customize RGB lighting for better experiences.

Logitech MX518 Driver Download for Windows

Compatible Windows OS: Windows 10 (32-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit).

File NameSizeLinks
LGHUB_installer.exe (Windows 32/64-bit)39.4 MBDownload
LGS_9.02.65_x86_Logitech.exe (Windows 32-bit)109 MBDownload
LGS_9.02.65_x64_Logitech.exe (Windows 64-bit)120 MBDownload

Logitech MX518 Mouse Software Download for Mac

Compatible Macintosh OS: macOS X 10.12 (Sierra), macOS X 10.13 (High Sierra), macOS X 10.14 (Mojave), macOS X 10.15 (Catalina), macOS X 11.0 (Big Sur).

File NameSizeLinks
LGHUB_Installer.zip5.1 MBDownload
LogitechSetup_9.02.22.zip (Logitech Gaming Software)209 MBDownload

Logitech MX518 Legendary Specifications

It has almost the same shape as its predecessor, the MX510 driver, but it has a black finish near the back of the mouse, looking elegant and very reliable for hours of gaming. The Logitech MX518 is equipped with good quality upholstery. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the mouse you will see the main mousepad foot and a small mousepad foot around the sensor. It weighs about 106 grams with Image Processing up to 5.8 Megapixels.

This mouse offers a compact, sleek design and dimensions about 5.16″ by 2.87″ by 1.69″. Meanwhile, it is supported by the latest Hero sensor technology from Logitech up to 16K, the maximum speed is more than 400 IPS3 and resolution of 16.000 dpi, so the MX518 is very responsive to increase your productivity. Even price is least expensive, but you will get lots useful features and up to 2 years of warranty. Meanwhile, this mouse has a cable length of 7ft that same as most other Logitech gaming mice.

Plus, you can easily customize the three physical buttons on the top by installing compatible Logitech mouse software for your Microsoft Windows or Macintosh device. But you don’t need to download drivers if you just want to change DPI levels. It also offers comfortable rubber grips on both sides of the mouse which gives you the best experience when using this gaming mouse. All of its powerful features make this mouse ideal for your gaming, editing or other needs. Download Logitech MX518 driver from Logitech website.

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